Physical Properties:

Chemistry: Ca5(F,Cl)(PO4)3
Hardness: 5
SG: 3.15–3.22
Cleavage: Imperfect, two directions
Fracture: Brittle
Thermal Sensitivity: High

Optical Properties:

RI: 1.63–1.65
Dispersion: 0.016 (medium)
Double Refraction: 0.004 (weak)
Pleochroism: Varying (usually weak in green and strong in blue)
Critical Angle: 37.5°

Facet angles (pavilion/crown):

Vargas: 42°/41°
Olson: 40°/43°
Soukup: 39°/43°
Roth: 39°/43°
MDR: 39°/43°
Schlagel: 39°/35°
Hashnu: 42°/41°
Sinkankas: 40°/40°
GIA: 39°/43°
Perkins: 39°/43°
Cornwall: 42°/35°
Weikoff: 43°/39°
Carroll: 42.6°/35.3°

Cutting lap:

Medium or fine

Facet polishing:

Vargas: Aluminum oxide on wax or tin/lead with low speed, Ultralap with tin oxide
Olson: Tin oxide on wood or wax
Soukup: Aluminum oxide on tin or tin/lead
Christiansen: Aluminum oxide on vinyl, lead, or tin/lead with low speed
Perkins: Aluminum oxide on BATT or Corian
MDR: Tin oxide on tin or aluminum oxide on type metal

Cabochon polishing:

Christiansen: Aluminum oxide on leather or felt, cerium oxide on felt


Based on the best color and yield


None known


Be careful with the high heat sensitivity, especially during dopping (use glue). The polishing characteristics are very variable. What polishes one stone may not work at all on another.

Apatite rough

Apatite on Gemdat

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