Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia, also known as Zirconia or CZ for short, is a man made material and should not be confused with the natural mineral Zircon which has very different properties. CZ can be made in most colors and also as color change.

Physical properties:

Chemistry: ZrO2
SG: 5.6-6.0
Cleavage: None
Fracture: Somewhat brittle
Thermal sensitivity: None

Optical properties:

RI: 2.15-2.20
Dispersion: 0.060 (high)
Double refraction: None
Pleochroism: None
Critical angle: 28°

Facet angles (pavilion/crown):

Vargas: 41°/35°
Roth: 40°/35°
Perkins: 41°/35°
Cornwall: 38.7°/41.5
Carroll: 40.9°/35.4°
Raytech: 41°/35°

Cutting lap:

All grit sizes except the coarsest

Facet polishing:

Vargas: 100k diamond on zinc or ceramic. Aluminum oxide on tin/lead
Herbst: Diamond on metal or ceramic
Perkins: Diamond on BATT
Raytech: Diamond 14 or finer on Fast Lap, ceramic, zinc or copper


According to shape


Be careful with pre-polishing, run it a little longer than normal. If the damage layer is not removed, small fragments will come loose from the facet edges when polishing. These small fragments can cause surprisingly large scratches.

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