Mali is a grossular garnet mixed with some andradite. The more andradite, the higher the optical values, but also usually a browner and less attractive color. Cut stones with high purity and size over 2 ct are rarities that command large sums.

Physical properties:

Chemistry: Ca3(Al,Fe)2(SiO4)3
Hardness: 7.25
SG: 3.64–3.67
Cleavage: None
Fracture: Sometimes slightly brittle
Heat sensitivity: None

Optical properties:

RI: 1.74–1.78
Dispersion: Approx. 0.04 (high), Grossular 0.027 – Andradite 0.057
Birefringence: None
Pleochroism: None
Critical angle: 34.5°

Facet angles (pavilion/crown):

Vargas: 41°/40°
Olson: 39°/37°
Soukup: 42°/37°
Roth: 42°/37°
MDR: 42°/37°
Schlagel: 40°/36°
Hashnu: 41°/39°
Sinkankas: 40°/40°
GIA: 42°/37°
Raytech: 40°/38°

Cutting lap:


Facet polishing:

Vargas: Aluminum oxide on tin/lead, tin oxide on tin
Olson: Chrome oxide on tin
Soukup: Aluminum oxide on tin or tin/lead
Christiansen: Aluminum oxide on tin/lead, tin oxide on tin
MDR: Tin or aluminum oxide on tin, aluminum oxide on type metal

Cabochon polishing:

Olson: Chrome oxide on leather
Christiansen: Aluminum, tin, or chrome oxide on leather or wood
Cox: Aluminum or chrome oxide on leather, cerium oxide on felt
Covington: Chrome or cerium oxide on felt


For best yield




Mali is often too brittle for coarse or new cutting lap. High RI and dispersion effectively mask smaller inclusions.

Andradite-Grossular rough

Andradite-Grossular on Gemdat

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