These thick sintered diamond sawblades last longer than notched blades.The diamonds (270#/325#) are secured into a metal bond that extends the full depth of the rim. Diamonds are continuously exposed as the edge of the blade wears away cut after cut. Click to enlarge the image to see a close-up of the diamonds secured in the rim.

These sawblades are designed for cutting agates, geodes, tile and ceramic. Must be cooled with water or oil. Thickness is at the rim. Arbor 5/8". All blades come with 1/2" arbor bushings (12" and 14" have 1" arbor and a bushing for 5/8" arbor)

Rekommended operating speed
6" 2650 rpm
8" 2000 rpm
10" 1700 rpm
12" 1350 rpm
14" 1100 rpm


Saw Blade, thick, sintered

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