Mini diamond smoothing discs used for smoothing, refining and polishing stones, glass and metals. The kits includes four disc holders and diamond discs with grit 325, 600, 1200 and "Final Polish" discs pre-charged with cerium oxide. Adhesive backing on all discs makes them easy to place, and later replaced, on the holders.

The holders come with a 1/8" mandrel that will fit into a Dremel or any other miniature drill or flex shaft with a collet for 1/8" diameter shank. Recommended RPM is 3000-5000. Use always with water.

The kit includes 3 pc each of the different grits. In total 12 discs. 4 pc of the holders with 1/8" shank is included in all kits.

¾" and 1½" are pre-order items. Please contact us for price and delivery time.

Mini disc kit

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