Machine accessories

Price each in USD ex works Santa Ana, California

Table Aligner


Makes it easy to get the 45° table adapter perpendicular to the lap.

Price: 66 USD


Dust cover

Protects your UT V5 or VL (and your lap) when not in use.

Price:  39 USD


Faucet Kit


Many people prefer this to the traditional drip tank. It accommodates a larger supply of water, 2 gallons (9 L), and is small and neat which doesn't block the light or the bystanders view. The container needs to be positioned on a level above the lap. 

Price: 125 USD


Saw adapter


You can saw instead of grinding large pieces away. It is faster, prolongs the life of your cutting lap and as a bonus you can get small pieces to cut. Some experienced cutters saws the first facets instead of cutting them with a very coarse lap. The adapter press the saw blade on the exact right position to avoid bending the blade. The adapter is sold with or without a 6" electroplated blade that makes a approx. 0.25 mm slit.

Price USD
Adapter and one thin blade (0,15 mm) 90
Adapter only 55
Thin blade 0,15 mm 44
Standard blade 0,3 mm 44


Guiu girdle adapter



Simple and very effective tool that saves a lot of time. After transfer you will be very close to perfect alignment with the help of this tool. 50 mm long bars.

Price : 150 USD


2" base


If you want to cut very large stones, thousands of carat, you need this to give you more height. 

Price: 180 USD

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